Soshine Marketing Company

Soshine marketing company has been successfully operating its business since 2005. Soshine Marketing Company is the sole agent of AVTECH in Bangladesh and also has partnership with different renowned global brands like Hundure, Zkteco etc. It consists of young, dynamic and highly motivated professionals. We combine excellence with top quality, integrity and timeliness to provide 24/7 quality service specially designed to facilitate our users experience beyond expectation.

Good technical support:

Our technician is usually out there over the phone or in saleroom to answer any queries that client might need. we have a tendency to even have product specifications area unit created out there to transfer.


Quality product:

We use our 7 years of in depth technical experience and knowledge to pick and style the most effective value quality product for our customer. All our product bear internal control before commerce to customer


Our Mission

Be the Best technology automation service and security solutions provider through genuine facilities.


Our Vission

Develop the optimal automation solutions and add value for customers’ enrichments. Deliver business assistances to clients through technological expertise and consultancy. Achieve supreme customer satisfaction through our products excellence and solutions.


Soshine Marketing Company is committed to R&D and innovation

Soshine Marketing Company possess the world's largest R&D team and state-of-art development facilities; both allow Soshine Marketing Company customers the benefit of world-class software that are designed with cutting-edge technology. As further commitment to its customers,Soshine Marketing Company annually reinvests 7% of its revenue into R&D for continued product innovation and improvement.